Peace Symbol

A Heart Full of Memories

The photograph is of glass stones arranged in a heart shape.  The image of the heart brings thoughts and memories of my family and friends to mind.  Making this image of the heart recalled the time that I had a pillow fight with my parents and their friends, and how full of joy I was in that moment.  This is how this picture represents peace to me.


Crayons Peace Symbol

The image I chose was crayons. This image represents peace to me because it is colorful. When most people see colorful images it reminds them of a peaceful thought. This picture was taken in the classroom at my desk. We studied how to take pictures at different angles. We also learned how to take selfies with Mr. S. and our friends. When I see this image it reminds me of a peace sign, which is what I was going for. I am happy with the turn out. This is what we learned with Mr. S. I loved having him teach us it. I enjoyed it.!!