An Angel’s Luck

An Angel’s Luck

This to me represents peace because it looks like a person flying in the sky happily in heaven on the clouds.  By the shape the clouds made in the sky, it was the wind that flew on the face of the Earth. When I see this, it gives me luck about choosing this picture on the bottom.  It reminded me of a person and an angel is a person’s soul, and that is why I chose this picture.


Staying Still

I was outside making some nice peace symbols and when I was done with the stick symbol something came to my mind.  I took some leaves and a few berries and I created something and this is why my image shows peace to me. It is peaceful because with the leaves sitting down on the floor and berries stay still on the leaves.



I picked this picture because I love nature and animals such as dogs, cats, fish, and other animals.  This is peaceful because nature is calm, quiet and tranquil, but not really any animals get killed.  That is why I picked this picture because of how it represents peace.

Peace Symbol

A Heart Full of Memories

The photograph is of glass stones arranged in a heart shape.  The image of the heart brings thoughts and memories of my family and friends to mind.  Making this image of the heart recalled the time that I had a pillow fight with my parents and their friends, and how full of joy I was in that moment.  This is how this picture represents peace to me.

Freedom Flag Symbol

The Flag of Freedom

The beginning of our nation, our country, our freedom. With liberty and justice for ALL, from this one nation under God. This image brings peace to me by knowing that our country is free and safe.



This image that I chose is a globe because it shows us our world and shows we live in peace. And in other states and countries show peace where they live.


Crayons Peace Symbol

The image I chose was crayons. This image represents peace to me because it is colorful. When most people see colorful images it reminds them of a peaceful thought. This picture was taken in the classroom at my desk. We studied how to take pictures at different angles. We also learned how to take selfies with Mr. S. and our friends. When I see this image it reminds me of a peace sign, which is what I was going for. I am happy with the turn out. This is what we learned with Mr. S. I loved having him teach us it. I enjoyed it.!!

Multisensory Flower Symbol

Multi-Sensory Flower Symbol

This photo is very creative and resembles peace in many ways, because in many books and movies a flower is a symbol of peace, safety, and calmness.  Also, a smell can bring peace like the beach or your Grandmother’s House, and a flower is right up that alley.  Therefore, I chose this picture to represent peace and what makes me peaceful.

The Fluffs

The Fluffs

Purple and green feathers. Pretty right?  These feathers are from a totem pole that my classmate made. Purple and green are my favorite colors. Are they your favorites? I think this is peaceful because purple and green are relaxing colors to me, and it reminds me of a soft fluffy colored pillow that you can sleep with. That’s why I think these feathers are peaceful.

Portrait of a Friend

Window Sighting: Portrait of a Friend

This picture is featuring my best friend looking out the window.  This shows peace by her just being calm and relaxed looking at nature not worrying about anything. Natural trees in the background showing tranquility. It shows happiness with the sunny day outside.  This photo definitely shows peace!


Self-Portrait through Dolls and Stuffed Animals

The image I chose is of my stuffed animals (and doll). This is image represents peace to me, because when I am scared and\sad my stuffed animals (and dolls) and toys help me through it! This picture was taken in my homeroom where we were studying 3 objects that represent who we are. The idea and thoughts that this image gives me are: One, they look like a happy family and Two, they look like they are all playing a little game. To me they are so cute. Here are their names. The American Girl Dolls name is Margerite, which represents my middle name. The big bumblebee’s name is Bug, and the tiny bumble bee’s name is Little Bug. I love them so much! And that’s my Image to share with you! Love, LMW.

Self Portrait

Mind In The Clouds

In this picture I am staring off into the distance, taking in the scenery of downtown Waterbury.  I was focused on the Clock Tower, it put me into a state of tranquility. The reason why I choose this picture, is because it was very peaceful to me, and I wasn’t thinking about school, it was just a me moment. This is the reason why I choose this picture.

Stuffed Animals

The Game Gathering

A photograph featuring my stuffed animals named Fluffle Puff, Chariot, Bun-Bun, Easter, Gloria, and my Nintendo Switch, this is now one of my personal favorites. “The Game Gathering” shows these adorably fluffy creatures playing Super Mario Odyssey (without my permission, sadly) on my Nintendo Switch (they were grounded when I found out. Not anymore, though). This photo howls peace straight to my face because I am very calm when playing on my Switch. My stuffed animals and I are always friendly and a good sport toward each other when playing, as well. Unfortunately, I am not in the photograph myself, but I’m still glad that my “pets” are at least having a blast playing with each other 🙂

Group Harmony

Group Harmony

Peace is something that brings you joy. This picture of the machine and its gears brings peace to me. This fills me with joy and kindness because it shows lots of pieces working together harmoniously the way people do when they are at peace. These things are all connected in one way, and it is so beautiful to look at and I just think it gives me peace and it should give peace to you to.

Group Diversity

Group Diversity

I chose a very colorful picture I took because it symbolizes peace between colors and people. The people are dolls that the students at this school made when we were younger. It represents peace to me because all of the colors and people are together in one piece and that is peaceful. This picture was taken in our School’s Lobby. The dolls/people have different skin colors, clothing, and jobs that they do. It all comes together when you look at it. In the world, we have issues with what skin color people are or what people wear, so it is very peaceful when you see them all coming together!

The People That Give

The People That Give

Some people fight over things that they kind of need. Some people have and don’t want to give. But my mom gives everything when someone needs it. This image will show the kindness that needs to happen when people need help.                                



“My image is of my best friend X. We have known each other for 6 years. We took this picture in our classroom. That picture means everything to me because he is important to me. This signifies that I have friends that are in my life that care about me and love me. I care about them as well. I want us to stay as best friends.”

Reading with a Friend

Reading with a Friend

I find reading very peaceful and relaxing. Especially when reading with a friend.  It’s fun and relaxing. Y and I are reading a book about Puerto Rico. I find this picture peaceful because I love reading personally and reading a book with a friend is relaxing. I really enjoy reading with friends.