WordPlay Star of the Week: Maeve

When Maeve feels happy, it may be that she has been playing with her dolls and her sisters. Happiness might be the feeling she has sitting at her kitchen table, playing with “fluffy” shaving cream up to her elbows. When she’s happy, she is probably wearing a big smile. Like most of us, Maeve wears other faces.

Sometimes, she may look sad, calm, or mad. She depends on coloring, a favorite teddy bear toy, and snuggling with her blankets to bring back her smiling face. Maeve understands that other people also wear different faces to give us hints of what they may be feeling inside. She recognizes that sometimes people just feel unattached to other people. If she noticed that someone looked unhappy, Maeve would ask them to play something fun. She would suggest some of her ideas about what is fun, like “we could run or roll down a hill.”

Maeve takes time to smile and laugh. With her four-year-old wisdom, she knows that sometimes a person needs to know what to do to feel happier and bring back smiles and laughter. She knows what works for her own happiness and has ideas for the happiness of others.

Maeve really enjoys playing with shaving cream. She has a safe place to do that and permission from her parents.Maeve thought about being interviewed for Star of the Week for a long time. Maeve decided it was fun and wants to keep talking about her feelings!